Get ready to sell
your software globally

Join ActivePlatform marketplace via single integration and make your product instantly available to distributors and resellers in more than 50 countries
Extend your sales reach
Around the world, service providers, telecom operators, enterprises, and governments are extending their reach and deployment of their applications worldwide through ActivePlatform marketplaces.

As developers, we understand the value your software brings to our community. Which is why we simplify software integration with easy to use APIs, offer sales tools within the partner portal, and help create business opportunities through ActivePlatform's sales partners and marketplaces.
Manage your product offering globally in Vendor Portal
Developers can interact with ActivePlatform marketplaces via Vendor Portal, which enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to add cloud services and applications using a universal API. They can also add marketing materials, manage products and resellers, view information about product sales and subscriptions.

This free tool is an integral part of the ActivePlatform ecosystem, connecting all the distributors and resellers within the deployed platform.

Integrate via a single point

ActivePlatform enables any service including IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS to be integrated into the global catalogue via a Vendor Portal universal API, and to the local service provider catalogue by either a universal API or plugin using the platform SDK

Create your product plan

With the platform tools you can automate your cloud product delivery with platform provisioning features. Vendor Portal is the tool for adding and setting up your products, including pricing, billing models, provisioning attributes, and marketing materials

Get in touch with resellers

Once published, applications will be automatically available as an item in the marketplace catalogue to all ActivePlatform cloud service providers. Get in touch with distributors and resellers so that they start pushing a new offering to their channel
Become a best-seller in cloud resellers' portfolios
Sell today with ActivePlatform
Why partner with ActivePlatform?
ActivePlatform helps ISVs build profitable businesses focused on cloud services. Adding your cloud services and applications to the ActivePlatform federated marketplace enables you to reach all the service providers in our ecosystem across 50+ countries.
How to get started with ActivePlatform?
1. Integrate your cloud services and application into service catalogue.
2. Sign contracts with cloud services providers.
3. Manage your product offering, marketing materials and tariff plans via the ActivePlatform Vendor Portal.
How to add cloud service to the ActivePlatform catalogue?
Your application is integrated into the service catalogue via a universal REST API or platform SDK. For a fee, the ActivePlatform team can do it for you, or you can do it yourself for free. To learn about publishing your application to the ActivePlatform marketplace contact us to inquire integration help from ActivePlatform team.