Become a Cloud Services Broker with ActivePlatform

  • automated service provisioning
  • billing and subscription management
  • user management
  • analytics and reporting
  • white-labeled customer storefront
Full-service automation
Cloud providers can manage multi-tiered reseller or distribution business with clients dispersed globally through automated processes
Federated marketplace
ActivePlatform unites vendors, providers, developers, and resellers into a single ecosystem for buying, selling and managing cloud services
Multi-vendor catalogue
The list of integrated anchor services can be easily complemented and managed with SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services via Vendor Portal
Customer store
Start with the out-of-the-box online store module or integrate the platform cloud services catalogue with the current e-commerce solution
Roy Illsley, Ovum's Principal Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions, published two papers on ActivePlatform. "The key is for the cloud provider to make the marketplace available, and to ensure its administration and integration is as frictionless as possible. ActivePlatform has developed a platform with a cloud provider-facing marketplace and a customer-facing storefront that is designed to meet these needs," says Roy Illsley.
Automated service provisioning
ActivePlatform enables any service to be integrated into the global catalogue via vendor portal universal API, and to the local service provider catalogue via both universal API or a plugin using the platform SDK. Using platform tools, you can easily setup automation flows for the whole subscription life cycle and control and track the process of provisioning via a central management console.

You can manage the service offerings in the reseller's product catalogue, including services provisioning configuration, services bundling, product categories settings, pricing and discounts, product resources configuration and trials settings.

Subscription and billing management
Subscription management
  • set up automated flows for all the stages of subscription life cycle
  • manage subscriptions (view subscriptions, details, change subscription plans, number of additional resources, renew subscriptions (auto or manual renewal)
  • manage expired subscriptions (stop subscription, if not paid — delete, limit or block access to services due to non-payment or insufficient funds)
  • view charges and other data
Billing and mediation
  • set up customizable service ordering and provisioning workflows
  • use a built-in billing engine which can be connected to any payment systems: post-payment, pre-payment methods for a single service plan; flexible reserved, pay-as-you-go, custom, vendor-specific billing schemes and pricing plans (subscription, metered usage and others)
  • manage invoices, payments, billing aggregation, set up printable invoices in the PDF format
  • connect to the billing, financial or accounting systems using open REST API
Customer and reseller management
Customer management console
  • enables access to customer Panel enables admins to group resellers (for example, default /vip/untrusted)
  • enables to define credit limits enables to define types of clients (government /company)
  • enables to personalize your clients' attributes depending on their type
  • enables customer enterprise or SMB admin users to assign and manage employee user accounts, services, and order apps/services himself
Reseller management console
You can manage multi-tiered channel of resellers as well as their users using reseller administration panel which:
  • enables admins in a head service provider, distributors, to configure multilevel reseller channel
  • enables delegation of service plans to resellers, configure resellers discounts, and manage resellers billing
White labelled customer storefront
Your branded customer online display for the services catalogue can be created in moments our-of-a-bos with the custom branding of UI.

Out-of-the-box online store for cloud services displaying merchandize to end users built with best practices of online marketing. Moreover all the next level resellers can use this solution for rolling out their whiltelabelled customer stores connected to your platform installation.

In case your already have a customer online store the platform backend can be easily integrated with it.