Cloud Platform

Become a Cloud Services Broker with ActivePlatform

ActivePlatform architecture

ActivePlatform enables businesses and governments to become a true multi vendor and fully aggregated Cloud Services Broker. It empowers Telco & MVNO, Service Providers, Resellers, Enterprise & Governmental organizations to cost effectively deliver IT as a Service.

The platform can create a comprehensive ecosystem that will allow your clients to discover, purchase and manage cloud services via your own branded solution, as they need.

Apps marketplace
  • Pre-integrated Apps

    Over 150 cloud services vendors can deliver their solutions via ActivePlatform already. Our integration procedure requires minimal development efforts and makes the new services onboarding quick and easy.

  • Customizable layout

    A competitive advantage could be achieved by offering consumers unique customer experience. ActivePlatform's marketplace layout elements do not have any fixed positions and can be placed anywhere using drag and drop function.

  • Customizable UI

    Marketers would love working with ActivePlatform because it is so flexible. By utilising CSS, ActivePlatform can be seamlessly integrated into existing Web and Online assets, effortlessly, ensuring that all online content meets existing brand requirements

  • Price calculator

    A built-in powerful price calculator will help your clients select the service they can want. No extra steps needed and no login required to get the bottom-line price.

  • Tariffs comparison

    All clients love to compare. ActivePlatform can deliver price and service comparison tables making sure end users get to information quickly and do not miss any important details. A client can easily drill down and compare any app or service, making buying simple and straightforward.

  • Integration with your website

    The marketplace can be tightly integrated with your existing website. Making any changes, for example, editing site header or footer will be instantly implemented to the marketplace as well.

User and access management
Automatic service provisioning

ActivePlatform delivers innovative yet simple end user self service. In a few minutes, your clients can set up accounts, subscriptions and fill in payment details. Self Service for any ActivePlatform enabled application is only a few clicks away.

Automatic service provisioning
Billing and subscription
ActivePlatform takes away the complexity that can be found when your clients use multiple cloud apps from multiple cloud service providers, making billing and payment easy and quick for them and for you.
  • Built-in billing engine

    ActivePlatform's built-in billing can fully integrate into existing billing solutions, via internal application programming interface (API)

  • Service subscription blocking

    ActivePlatform supports blocking services automatically due to insufficient funds.

  • Multicurrency

    ActivePlatform provides an ability to set prices for a single cloud service in different currencies for different regions.

  • Single bill

    Consolidate billing data from all subscribed services, in a single invoice, issued when you want to send.

  • Moneyback

    ActivePlatform can support refunds.

  • Discounts

    ActivePlatform supports various types of discounts and promotions, e.g promotional tariff plans and promo-codes.

  • Partner program

    Reward your partners for the leads or referrals with special promo-codes or linked banners.

  • Resellers program

    Create your own multi-level Reseller programs easily.

  • Payment processing scenarios

    Even sophisticated payment flows can be automated in ActivePlatform: e.g. pre-paid and post-paid payment processing scenarios, recurring and scheduled payments, etc.

Analytics and reporting

ActivePlatform has a built-in sound framework for reporting and analytics that has the following capabilities:

  • Analyze and predict end customers’ behavior including usage of cloud services
  • Integrate 3rd party tools such as Google Analytics for data analysis
Analytics and reporting block
Plugins support

Integration with existing IT environment and processes is easy with ActivePlatform. The solution supports 4 plugin types which help to extend core functionality and integrate with internal and external IT systems:

Plugins can be easily developed and maintained by inhouse development teams or ActivePlatform can do this for you.

ActivePlatform plugins interface
  • «inbound» plugin: a default set of API commands to onboard a cloud service.
  • «outbound» plugin: it is used when the cloud service is too sophisticated and can't be integrated via inbound plugin.
  • «external IT system» plugin a solution used to connect the platform with external systems, e.g. payment gateways, domain registrars, SMS-gates etc.
  • «internal IT system» plugin systems such as billing, CRM, helpdesk, identity management solutions and etc.
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