Cloud Storage

The Cloud’s “killer app” delivered from your Data Centre
A fully customer branded Cloud Storage service - Create your own “stickiness”

Cloud Storage and storage synchronisation services are among the most used Cloud Services on the planet. This has already been proved by millions of business users already using Public Cloud services like Dropbox & Box. The issue with these Public Cloud Storage Services is that they are hosted in the “Ether” and are often non-compliant to local regulation and compliance. Now we can solve this problem and enhance your customer’s cloud experience by delivering a fully automated and locally implemented Cloud Storage Service.

We would like to introduce Cloudy - a fully branded cloud storage solution powered by ActivePlatform. With Cloudy, you will get complete and automatic service provisioning and an integrated billing engine, ensuring that you can scale up & down when your customers need it most.

Now your business can provide its own Cloud Storage Service, fully branded and locally hosted in a Data Center of your choice. Cloudy has powerful features including;

  • Shared links
  • Password protection
  • Limited lifetime shares
  • SMS synchronization
  • Installed in a datacenter of your choice
  • Highly security
  • Plus more…

By utilising Cloudy, You can can benefit from:

  • ARPU growth and fast time to market
  • Full branding capability
  • Churn rate reduction & new SMB clients attraction
  • Creating a cloud-driven brand image

Download the Cloudy brochure for full details on this innovative, exciting and revenue driving service opportunity.