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By installation type
Cloud services brokerage may provide great opportunities for innovation and growth.
It also starts disputes about which installation type to choose hosted or on-premise. From one side you have agility and scalability of a hosted solution, from the other side full control and better security of on-premise installation. At ActivePlatform we are proud to offer both of them to meet the goals and needs of our customers.

Hosted installation

Hosted installation type means that ActivePlatform provides the infrastructure and manages the software for its customers. That guaranties high fault-tolerance and security level. All backups, software updates and support activities are done on our side. This mode of market-entry is very popular because it:

  • Is quick and easy;
  • Has low capital requirements;
  • Has big ROI potential (returns are realized fairly quickly);
  • Helps to avoid most “uncontrollable” risks.

On-premise installation

On-premise installation type means that the platform is installed in a customer's datacenter. He is fully responsible for managing the platform from selecting the infrastructure to making software updates and backups. This type is commonly used by large enterprises and government organizations because it:

  • Provides full control;
  • Gives more flexibility in integrations with in-house IT software and processes;
  • Meets security and industry compliance standards
By offering type

End to end consulting services

Technology has changed business dramatically. Enterprises that have the right processes and software and whose employees are experienced in their use, have a powerful competitive advantage.

ActivePlatform understands the operational requirements of business and how information technology can contribute to your success. With properly organized IT, you can boost employee and company efficiency and productivity, expand client engagement, and raise profit margins. Based on our solid understanding of Cloud Services Brokerage domain we can help you get a state-of-art cost-effective CSB solution.

Our consulting services include:

  • Hardware consulting
  • Working out a Go-to-market strategy

Customer support services

How many services do you have in your portfolio? How much efforts and money do you spend to render support for it? After becoming a Cloud Services Broker your services portfolio may grow significantly and as the result the load on the support team increases too.

ActivePlatform operates white-labeled customer support call centers that can cover any country. We can take first-line calls from your customers under your own brand, or you can take level 1 calls and have

ActivePlatform provide level 2 and 3 backup support, including ISV escalation management via our federated help-desk ticketing services.