Telco & MVNO

Creating new Value Added
Services opportunities

Rivalry level in Telco & MVNO industry is constantly growing. As the result it decreases prices for voice, video and data services. ARPU declines and bigger efforts are needed to deliver customer satisfaction. To retain clients and capture new markets Telcos & MVNOs are forced to reduce operating expenditure (OPEX), differentiate their core offering and bring more added value.

But there is a number of challenges hampering the development of this opportunity:

  • Telcos don't have selfcare for SMBs and Enterprise clients. To order, purchase and connect any cloud service you need to contact an account manager, fill in lots of forms and wait up to five business days.
  • In-house selfcare solutions and processes do not fit for selling SaaS. They are mainly targeted on mobile services operation and can't provision cloud services smoothly.
  • Need for a solid ecosystem. Various cloud services are located on independent webpages, use unique credentials and require registration for each new employee.
How ActivePlatform will
work for you
Becoming a Cloud Services Broker utilising ActivePlatform you can help address the major opportunity that Cloud Services can bring to your Network and take your business to a market leading position You will get the following benefits:

ARPU growth

  • Get a part of licence fees paid by your customers to cloud service providers
  • Upsell bigger broadband packages

Gaining competitive advantage

  • Develop an ultimate cloud services portfolio
  • Bundle your core services with 3rd party cloud apps
  • Offer your customers a single solution to manage cloud services

Costs optimization

  • Reduce time to market
  • Introduce self care for SMBs and Enterprises
  • Reduce OPEX
What makes ActivePlatform
  • Sole business focus on Cloud services brokerage
  • Selected by industry leading companies
  • Complete out-of-the box CSB solution
  • Providing both the technology and business knowledge with our customers
Featured case-studies
  • Roman Zilber
    Department head
    Enterprise and SME
    We understand that our clients need not only banking services to run their business effectively, but also a bunch of complementary services like accounting, filing financial statements or a website creation. Raiffeisen prides itself to be the first of its kind to offer top class cloud services to save costs on highly-paid specialists.
  • Mr. Maqboul Al Wahaiby
    Deputy CEO of Oman Data Park
    We are pleased to be presented at COMEX 2014, our participation comes as part of strong cooperation with ActivePlatform and our commitment to the local partners, to continually bring the latest in technology that helps improve IT market in Oman.
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