Vendor Portal

Single point-of-integration with the ActivePlatform marketplace
Vendor Portal helps vendors to extend sales channels to all the resellers working with ActivePlatform installations. It is a single point of integration with the ActivePlatform marketplace for cloud solution vendors. Solution providers can integrate and manage their product offering across ActivePlatform's ecosystem using Vendor Portal tools

Single point-of-integration with the ActivePlatform marketplace

Using ActivePlatform, you can launch popular horizontal IaaS, SaaS or PaaS services, and also sell your own package IP and managed IT services by adding them to the ActivePlatform vendor portal.

A single-point-of-integration with the ActivePlatform marketplace, the vendor portal enables solution providers to integrate and manage their product offerings across the ActivePlatform ecosystem.
Federated marketplace
Simplified integration
Publish to entire ecosystem
ActivePlatform connects to a federated marketplace that is accessible by customers in the platform's ecosystem. Vendors can add their cloud products and services to the marketplace global catalogue by using the vendor portal.
A Universal RESTful API or platform SDK enables vendors to easily add their products and services to the global catalogue. Then using the vendor portal, they can manage pricing, licensing, and other settings.
Once published to the global catalogue, applications and services are automatically available to all ActivePlatform service providers. Pushing a new offering to customers can be done within minutes.
Get started today
Dozens of cloud services vendors are already delivering their solutions via ActivePlatform. Our integration procedure requires minimal development efforts and makes new services onboarding quick and easy in just four steps:
Tell us about your product
Submit a website form or send an email with the information about your product

Integrate your product
Use REST API to integrate your cloud products and services into the global catalogue
Connect with resellers
Get in touch with the seslcted resellers to negotiaite on commercial terms and conditions and sign contracts with selected resellers
Start selling your products
Manage product offering, automate provisionig, set up billing and pricing, and push sales with marketing and sales tools