Fast path to cloud
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Deliver all the top selling cloud services to your customers
Master adding cloud to telco offering
In 2010s telecoms continue making money primarily on ICT, unified communication, and collaboration tools, IaaS, Security, Application management, Secure connection, SaaS suite and e-commerce. Competitive forces, however, compress the price and margins of voice, video, and data services. Marketing cloud services to existing customers as a value-added offering with higher prices and margins allows you to better monetize your existing infrastructure and customer base.

Most tier 2 and 3 telecoms sell from 5 to 30 SaaS SKUs in their white-labelled or converged with existing telecom systems online stores. Only about a dozen of large telecoms sell somewhere between 40 to a little over a 100 of SaaS. The economy here is driven by the tight numbers of relevant cloud services to their buying behavior as telecom customers.
Offer relevant SaaS on ActivePlatform
With ActivePlatform deployed you will not only accelerate your time to the fast-growing cloud market with researched, handpicked selected, and carefully integrated cloud services suitable for a whitelabelled or converged online stores in telecom provider business. With a simple, one-time integration to your catalogue of services via vendor portal, you can deliver all the top-selling cloud services to your customers in your geographic area.
Use a single integration to sell all the leading cloud services for telco
  • Offer relevant to telecom customers industry-leading products, such as Microsoft Office 365, OX App Suite, Symantec, Kaspersky, Dr. Web, and much more
  • Add apps beyond our extensive catalog via Vendor Portal using REST API or SDK and integrations professionals
Drive results with our integration and merchandizing best practices
  • Utilize our assisted sales and merchandizing best practices to drive cloud sales
  • Maximize organic sales with our single sign-on, identity, billing, and multi-tiered reseller and customer portal integrations
  • Use our APIs to sell cloud products through your core traffic flows and create relevant bundles
Minimize OPEX and CAPEX risk
  • If you prefer OPEX: eliminate time to market cost by quickly launching with ActivePlatform.
  • Avoid the substantial CAPEX required to build a brokerage platform in house
  • Minimize operational cost by leveraging ActivePlatform economies of scale.
  • If you prefer CAPEX: To protect your future revenue, and own your brokerage platform and data, benefit from a CAPEX-based licensing in an Enterprise Agreement
Grow ARPU and reduce churn rate
  • Cross-sell recurring cloud service subscriptions
  • Reduce churn rate by offering bundles with software solutions with over 98 percent yearly retention rates
  • Up-sell higher broadband speeds for customers to maximize the value of their cloud services
Working with ActivePlatform will ensure that you launch with the most advanced cloud service core brokerage technology available today, with unified identity, access, subscription billing, and payment management while utilizing our best practices to drive sell-through.